Raccoons are highly intelligent, nocturnal, foraging animals that are capable of opening simple lids, opening trash cans, and prefer eating easy to catch meals like fish in small ponds, caged chickens, or left out cat food. Raccoons usually only will nest into homes when caring for young and are highly protective. Take caution with raccoons, they have been known to carry the rabies virus. Call the police immediately if a raccoon is acting erratically or highly aggressive in a non-aggressive situation. 

Opossums, similarly to rats and squirrels, move into and under homes to build their nests or raise young safely. These animals are mainly nocturnal foragers. These animals, like any, are protective of their young and show fear through threat displays such as opening their mouth as wide as possible and hissing. Opossums have poor eyesight and should never be approached unless by a trained professional.


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Rats and squirrels move into attics for nesting, safety, and breeding, causing severe damage to many homes at the expense of the homeowners savings and safety. Rats chew through wires and duct work for nesting materials and to keep their teeth sharpened, causing many electrical and health hazards in the home. Rats excrement can cause a wide variety of health problems and diseases, and just removing the rats does not take care of the problem. Homeowners and business owners need to take the time to have infested areas cleaned and disinfected to remove the risks of becoming ill.

Wild hogs and Coyotes are nuisance animals in Florida. Coyotes scavenge in neighborhoods and become a threat to small animals and humans. Wild hogs can uproot yards overnight and cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Male hogs can weigh upwards of 250lbs or greater and sows average between 5 to 6 piglets per pregnancy and can have between 1-2 litters a year.

A Affordable Animal Control and Removal